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We believe that your employees are your most important asset 

Sit Stronger Solutions is a robust organization that focuses on training employees of small and medium sized business in the areas of communication, customer care, leadership, personal development, and more. 

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 ...and every employee should be given the chance to explore his/her maximum potentials.

We believe that every employee should be given the chance to explore his/her talents.

We believe in employee empowerment.

This is possible in your organization. Together, we can grow your business and give you the necessary tools to gain a competitive advantage.

At Sit Stronger Solutions, we are experienced in employee retention, increased productivity, increased sales, higher morale of employees, higher quality ratings, increased customer satisfaction, reduced waste, and fewer staff complaints.

We help you achieve your organizations purpose.

What we offer

Like the legs of a table, employees form the foundation of a business. Sit Stronger Solutions offers highly interactive workshops designed for small-medium scale corporate groups, professional teams and industry leaders. Gain an edge over the competition with effective and efficient employee training programs that comprehensively cater to the corporate employment sector.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Engaging conversations, no excuses allowed, unique exercises, and hands-on examples 

  • Power of Influence

    The ability to influence others is widely considered a form of art, especially when it comes to selling a service or promoting a product. Formulated in a way that teaches participants how to become influencers in today's competitive market, this training course will have your team ready to convert leads through the power of influence. 

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    Building Relationships

    The bare-bones building blocks of a business, relationships have the potential to set you up for success or keep you from achieving it. Designed to foster a friendly work environment by teaching participants how to build rewarding, long lasting relationships, this course gets your team on track to do big things. 

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    Leading Effective Teams 

    Team leaders are the ones who keep up moral in the workplace, motivate others and make sure everything runs according to plan. Designed to help those involved in leadership learn effective ways of communication and project organization, this training course sets participants up with everything they need to take the lead. 

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    Decision Making

    A single decision can cause a ripple effect that could either disrupt or speed up your plan of action. With a keen focus on the development of decision making skills and geared toward men and women in the workplace, this professional training course leaves participants better informed to make decisions with diligence. 

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    Think your way to success

    State of mind can either help you achieve a goal or keep you from reaching it. By engaging participants in activities that incorporate techniques proven to promote positive thinking, this training course helps adjust attitudes for improved productivity in the workplace. Change your mindset and alter your outlook to change your future. 

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    Prioritising and Planning

    It's time to get those priorities in check and those plans in motion! A combination of time management tips and tricks, this training course helps participants prioritize and plan with efficiency and professionalism. Find out which areas to focus on and which ones to forego with sound advice and proven planning methods. 

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    Interpersonal Skills

    Also known as “people skills,” interpersonal skills determine how we interact with one another, therefore affecting relationships in both professional and social settings. Give employees the tools they need to improve likability, hold conversations, earn trust and establish the approachable attitudes essential for effective communication with our comprehensive training course.

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    Making Small Talk

    The art of small talk is learned. By teaching employees how to strike up conversations and break the ice, this training course is recommended for businesses where first impressions are everything. Once the program has been completed, participants will feel more confident in themselves when it comes to interacting with customers, clients, potential partners and peers. 

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    #EmpowerU (Goal Setting) 

    A starting point for any business is a roadmap that determines where it's going and how it's going to get there. Start setting goals, making plans and executing them with precision. This training course covers all of the business mapping basics, including how to hone in on specific goals and what to do to get things going. 

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    Creativity and Innovation 

    Like magic, creativity and innovation are the main ingredients for a manifestation of greatness. Make sure your employees are on the right path forward by engaging them with this unique training course. Participants will learn how to sensibly solve problems, make sound decisions and push their limits by appealing to their creative minds. 

  • What You Can Expect

    Engaging conversations, no excuses allowed, unique exercises, and hands-on examples.

  • Our Mission

    To elevate the atmosphere of every office by bringing inspiration, cohesion, and proficiency to the team.

  • Our Vision

    To increase revenue, productivity, and morale to small and medium businesses through focused and productive training. 

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